Bio stuff

I feel I will always be learning and loving Photography.

As many others did, I started shooting Landscape, but throughout the years, having learned how to create my own light recipe for Architecture imagery, I found a way into the amazing world of Hotel, Residential and Tourism Photography, in which I am now specialized.

Sports Photography also caught my eye and the beauty of emotions that can be found in active people also led me to develop a personal style in this area. I love to run while shooting runners and jump and shoot alongside basketball players while they score. In other words, I love creating images close to the action. If I don't sweat, it's no fun.

I produced Lisbon's first gigapanorama in 2008, with a total size of 6.1Gigapixel and today I create unique high-resolution spherical panoramas for hotels and advertising.

I am also a proud photographer and co-founder of the EMIGUS Photography Project. Have a look.

Landscape Photography, though, will always be where I ground myself when walls start closing in. It just clears my head.

My drive

As Peter Adams said, great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field. I am driven by truth, transmiting beautiful emotions and, ultimately, the love for creation and shooting what I love.

In every assignment, I believe it's all about feeling and creating cinematic imagery that inspires and elevates people.

I love creating

Being a passionate and perfectionist professional photographer with over 16 years of experience in creating images that inspire people, from high-quality Hotel productions to Sports Photography, I can work fast and light or crew up as needed for both simple stills and weeklong production photo shoots.

I'd love to hear from you.
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